Echoes From Far Lands

"It is a great read, well written, sensitive and humorous - quite a feat. Even more so for the evidence of a life well-lived. I enjoyed the last chapter and will re-read more slowly." - Tony Williams (a reader in UK)
"... I haven't cried with laughter for a long time." - F.A. (a reader in Australia)
"... the last chapter is most marvelous .." - B.M. (a reader in America)

This richly-textured book leads you into cultures and farming across five continents. The author takes you on a lush, lively journey from his birthplace in Australia, to Egypt, to English boarding schools, and to sheep stations in Australia. Step onto a merchant ship, or into a quaint English pub or a peaceful village church. Touch the lives of African smallholder farmers and the iconic Maasai tribe.  Join the author for wildlife stories around a campfire in Kenya. Listen and learn from the innate wisdom of a progressive women’s group in India. You will find here tales from a wide swath of human life laced with heart, humor and warm wit.

In this intimate, globe-trotting expedition, watch in horror as you witness an aircraft explode overhead, fish for trout in elephant and lion country, examine the human side of war through the author’s military forebears, and, at the end of your travels, take a deep breath and settle into a sweeping last chapter that probes meaning and life.

Come along for the ride. It will be the journey of a lifetime.